Welcomed distractions

After a tough day on Friday, we had a lot of very welcomed distractions this weekend. I was grateful.  And the weather was glorious.

On Saturday, we went to the Webster Jazz Fest with my mom … but not before a yummy dinner at Hanks!  We listened to music, danced, had ice cream and then … made an impromptu stop at the video game store.  Allison dragged me in ;-).  Later, we made a quick stop at the lake and skipped rocks and walked out on the pier.   We had an unexpected visit from my brother.  It was nice.

Sisters by the lake.

We had a lazy morning today and were invited to go swimming in a friend’s new pool!

Bathing beauties

Bathing beauties

This was quite a weekend and I was ready to get back to some of the familiar routine.  After a quick trip to Wegmans for groceries, Allison and Lindsay caught a ride back on the cart :-).

Catchin' a ride on the grocery cart

Catchin’ a ride to the car on the grocery cart

I am getting the feeling that basic routine is what is going to get us through this, so I made this evening just a regular night.  We made dinner, cleaned up, had baths and tuck-ins.  We chatted with Chris on FaceTime.  We wished him luck on his first day of the new job tomorrow.

We are both still weirded out right now.   I am ready to just get on with it.  I am ready to find a new (for now) normal.

How was your weekend? Did you have any welcomed distractions?  I’d love to hear from you!


9 thoughts on “Welcomed distractions

  1. Little does it compare but we spent our first 4th of July without the cottage (read: without family). A new experience was spending the night at the Darien Lake Hotel. We watched the laser show and didn’t have to make a late night drive home.

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