The big picture and pre-birthday pictures

Tomorrow is Lindsay’s 7th birthday.   I went shopping for her gifts today (thankfully, I knew just what she wanted).

I am usually way ahead of the curve on these things but given the chaos lately, I am out of my element.  Life right now is just strange. I’ve mentioned before that routine is going to be key in making our commuter family arrangement work. So far, we’ve had the most success with evenings. But there’s an unsettled feeling as I continue my job search. I am this close but still, not quite there yet. Then, of course, there will be a whole new adjustment and a whole new daytime routine. I try not to think about the BIG picture. It freaks me out.

First stop in my shopping trip, this place.

Different Point of View store

A little shop in town

My mission?  To pick out a little Vera Bradley purse.  But which one?

2 Vera Bradley purses

Decisions, decisions …

Definitely this one. It’s girly and flowery and has Lindsay written all over it.

Vera Bradley purse

This is the one!

The best part? Free wrapping!

wrapped present

All wrapped up!

On the way to get the other gift, I made a quick Starbucks pit stop and  tried one of these…


No, not a Starbucks spokesperson. Just a huge fan.

It’s a very berry hibiscus Refresher! I’d definitely get one of these again.  My last stop was to get these.

Ariel earrings

Who doesn’t love Ariel earrings?

She definitely likes to make a fashion statement, huh?

Is routine a big part of your life? Have you ever avoided looking at the big picture? Do you like the purse? Have you tried a Refresher? 😉 Please comment, I’d love to hear from you!


12 thoughts on “The big picture and pre-birthday pictures

    • I may be hooked on the refresher, Gail (and I am a black coffee type). Caffeine without the coffee taste (don’t get me wrong, I love coffee but … sometimes you need to mix it up!).

  1. Ooooooh yeah, about six years ago, there was a period when all I could consider was getting through one day at a time. I knew the situation wouldn’t last forever-I knew I wouldn’t ::feel:: like I felt forever-but if I had tried to see past more than a day or so, I would have been too overwhelmed to go on. And indeed, those days passed.

    • Thanks, Barb. 🙂 Yup … I just cannot look at everything at once. I can’t. We’re doing fine but there is only so much change one can deal with at once.

  2. Susan, I commend you and Chris for taking on this challenge. It’s not easy, but it’s all about attitude and routine, and having a positive attitude seems to smooth the challenge. You are strong, confident, self-reliant and have a wonderful support system…use that! The girls will feed off the energy you give out. I agree with Tracy, live for today, and at the end of that day, snuggle and talk with the girls about what was great and challenging and let them know what was great and challenging for you as well. As I said, staying “technology” connected is a plus!

    • Oh, Penny! Thank you for the show of support. I appreciate it, I really do. And … I am trying to live that mantra. It really seems to be the right approach right now.

  3. Sorry I meant ‘day- tight’ compartments not daylight- but they are the same, aren’t they, really. I have always used his quotes from way back in the day from his book for self- confidence and also to ‘How to stop worrying and start living’ it has helped me get through tough times. In fact, this made me pull out his book and read it again— . It’s the best!

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