Fun, family and finding a new balance

There’s been a shift in my mindset over the past 9 days, during my quieter moments.

Chris and I have cultivated a careful balance over the years. Family time, couple time, individual time. We’ve managed to fit it all in and work it all out. We’ve always been very proud of this. I am realizing that this upcoming year will need to have a different balance. This time will dedicated to home and family. Less about me and more about them. I’ll likely have fewer pedicures and less grown-up time. That’s how it needs to be. My family needs me. And it’s all good.

The theme today? Fun and family! We started out with homemade chocolate chip scones.

chocolate chip scone

The kids liked them :-).


We hung out, talked to Chris, watched some Sponge Bob and prepared to take Ally’s friend out for a fun afternoon. While I got ready, the girls did some reading. Ally, on her bed …

Allison reading

and Lindsay in the sun room, reading on her Kindle Fire…

Lindsay reading

We picked up Allison’s friend and off we went to play some mini-golf.


Lindsay and I prevailed! 🙂 We played some games and had some snacks.  It was quite a place.


Then, the kids went swimming.  After dinner, we took a trip to Barnes & Noble. Of course, an escalator ride was in order!


Allison got a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book; Lindsay, a kids’ biography about Leonardo daVinci.  An interesting book also caught my eye.  I have added it to my summer reading list.  We concluded our B&N trip by sharing a banana chocolate smoothie in the cafe.  We’ve never had this particular one and it was yummy!


3 girls and a smoothie

It was a busy but satisfying day … the best kind of day!

What did you do on your Sunday? Any good summer reads that you would recommend? How do you balance things in your life?  Please take a sec to share your ideas and thoughts.  I’d love your comments.


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