Breathing Deeply

I had no idea that I was holding my breath for the last 4 weeks.

Friday came, Chris flew in and I’ve been breathing, deeply breathing. My mind hasn’t been racing, frantically juggling, praying not to drop the ball. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow the past few nights. Things have been … just normal. And, it is such a relief.

One cycle of going away and coming home has been completed. Now that he has come home once, the realization has dawned that he will come home again. We will go to see him. There will be departures but there will also be reunions. What I’ve learned so far is that, as a commuter family, you need to go through the first cycle for this to really sink in. We got through this cycle, surely we can do another one. Right?

Chris is popular

We are a commuter family. We got this!

How do you weather the cycles of life? Any tips or suggestions? Comments are welcomed!


2 thoughts on “Breathing Deeply

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