This Week’s Mish Mash: leopard pants & playdates

This is a fun Friday weekly wrap-up mish mash!

Chris was so right. He always maintained that once he left and came home again for the first time, things would get easier. I can’t believe how much better we all seem to feel now. It is still odd with him gone, just not completely alien. We miss him so. But we are adjusting.

I can’t believe school is around the corner! Speaking of school, we had all of our school supplies purchased by the end of July. Allison needed ear buds and a thumb drive this year for 4th grade. Fancy schmancy. She insisted on a thumb drive shaped like a turtle. And we’ve done buying school clothes and shoes! Unbelievable. Is it lame that this makes me so happy? The girls are in full diva mode with the clothes, too. What a change since last year! Allison’s never cared much about clothes. Now, she really wants leopard print leggings and shoes. They’ll coordinate nicely with her turtle thumb drive.


I have seen some movement on the job front after a few disappointments and a lull. Fingers-crossed that one in particular will come to fruition. Job hunting is exhausting, isn’t it?

I have come to view the downtime as a blessing in disguise. Besides walking us through our transition as a commuter family, it has given me time to do fun things with the kids, things that I had limited time to do previously. I have become Queen of the Playdate!

There’s also been opportunity to start those “Who has the time?” projects like organizing my closets. Have I mentioned my new obsession with The Container Store?

What do you think? Have you done your school shopping? Worn your new leopard pants? Been job hunting? Any and all comments are welcomed. Go ahead … add to the mish mash! 🙂


6 thoughts on “This Week’s Mish Mash: leopard pants & playdates

  1. I believe that life often gives you times of opportunity not times of challenge or obstacle. Opportunity for new direction, assessment, reflection. Life has thrown many challenges this year, but it has given you the opportunity of personal growth, quality time with the girls, and assessment of what matters most to you and Chris.

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