What’s More Extreme than Extreme?

USA Today ran an article about “extreme commuting” the other day. It caught my eye immediately, of course. After reading it, though, I wondered … what’s more extreme than extreme commuting?

The number of Americans with marathon commutes is on the rise, particularly following a debilitating recession that has pummeled employment and the housing sector, a recent report on the nation’s “super commuting” trend finds.

Our family is pretty trendy, at least according to the article. Commuter families are becoming more common because of the economy. Well … yeah. Unlike many, we are (thankfully) not underwater on our house. Not wanting to uproot the family for a job that might not last a long time was mentioned, though, and we totally identify with that. Chris is working for a promising start-up but we have a solid network of family and friends here, a top 100 school district and an affordable house in a great neighborhood. It seemed crazy to give that up in exchange for more uncertainty and the most expensive real estate market in the country.

An “extreme” family with a 700 mile commute was featured in this article.

Seven hundred miles,” we chortled. “We have that beat by two thousand and forty!”

So, what’s more extreme than extreme? Super extreme? How about über extreme? Yep, that’s it. We are über extreme commuters. That’s us.

“Wish you guys didn’t have to compete in this competition,” a dear friend lamented.

Me too, my friend. Me too.

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5 thoughts on “What’s More Extreme than Extreme?

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