“The Odd Life of Timothy Green” and Why I Loved It

Have you seen The Odd Life of Timothy Green? I just did and it totally resonated with me … for so many reasons having to do with family and parenting and children.

Do you know a parent who is convinced her kid is perfect and goes to every length to rub it in?  Me too!  And I so hate that.  Your kid is not perfect.  Mine isn’t either.  So, stop it already.  There is some of that message in this movie.

Can you see the awesomeness in quirky? I have spent a long time shunning quirky, trying to eradicate it, worrying about it.  This is dumb.  Quirky is great.  Quirky is what makes people interesting.  Cookie cutter is boring. The struggle is what makes us who we are.  It makes us resilient.  It makes us try harder.  I had this revelation recently.  Yup, this movie shines in this aspect.

 “I don’t care what problem she has.  She’s mine and she’s perfect,” said Chris during the worried time before we knew about Allison’s apraxia.

Can you appreciate the struggle to conceive? Have you adopted or know someone who has?  We had a tough time before Allison came along.  At one point, we didn’t know if we would ever be able to have children. Thankfully, it all worked out.  Now I have real empathy for parents with these struggles. They are the cornerstone of the movie.

This movie had a happy ending, yet I cried at the end.  Allison did too.

What did you think of this movie?  Can you see the awesomeness in quirky? As always, I’d love to hear what you think!


2 thoughts on ““The Odd Life of Timothy Green” and Why I Loved It

  1. Yes! I am totally with you–quirky is okay! Kate (also with apraxia) and I went to see the movie just last evening. Here’s what I got from it: you give a little piece (the leaf) of yourself to everyone everyday…make what you give away count.

    • Hi Leslie! I love that. It’s so true. Nicely said. Thank you do much for reading! Is Kate excited for school? I’ve seen your book at B&N. How exciting! 🙂

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