It’s tough out there (and that’s an understatement)

Job hunting sucks. Let’s just lay it on the line, shall we?

Besides holding down the fort in our extreme commuting family arrangement, I am also looking for a job myself.   This is not a post where I wonder about how to go about finding a job. I know how to do this. I’ve networked. I’ve had some great interviews. I’ve taken lots of time to prepare for all of them. I’ve practiced my stories. I have an elevator speech.  I created a professional blog.  I’ve been relentlessly positive and upbeat.   I’ve been around this block a number of times. And, in the past, the process hasn’t really phased me. This time though … this time is different.


  • I actually had a written job offer in my hand over the summer. I was feeling good. I was all pumped up to negotiate it and poof!

“We’re so sorry. We’ve had an unexpected downturn in business. We’re in no position to hire for this job after all … you’ll be the first person that we call when things turn around …”

  • There was another company hiring for a contract position via a recruiter. I had two phone interviews that went well and I was gearing up for an in-person interview. The company wanted to give me the job without meeting with me face-to-face. They declined to answer my questions about the job specifics.

“The company wants your commitment to the job before they delve into answering your questions about it …”

  • I’ve been contacted directly by recruiting companies with great-sounding positions —

“You are so perfect for this …”

— that turned out to be not-so-exclusive after all. Positions that were already listed on the hiring company’s website.

“Well, you know … their HR department is not doing a good job filling the job. They need our help…”

  • I’ve had 3 interviews for a single job. Taken assessment tests for said job. Provided writing samples. Turned cartwheels. Jumped super-high upon request. And then …


I’ve followed-up.


It’s tough out there. Really tough. And that, my friends, in an understatement.

What about you? Looked for a job lately? Heard some stories that left you speechless? Simply want to commiserate? I’d love your comments.


8 thoughts on “It’s tough out there (and that’s an understatement)

  1. Ditto!!!! (You remember those too:) I’ve been troubled by the lack of respect shown to job seekers in general. You mention a company giving you the silent treatment. I’ve experienced the same thing even though I follow up with thank you notes and emails. Please, just tell me that you filled the position and I’ll gladly move on!

    • I know! Totally agree. A “thanks-but-no-thanks” response would be fine by me. Just tell me SOMETHING! I am sorry to hear that you have experienced similar things 😦 but glad to hear that I am not alone. It’s easy to get paranoid, isn’t it?

  2. Sending hugs your way SKO! I know how much it sucks, believe me, I know. You deserve better than this, and I hope that someone realizes that soon. You’re doing all that you can, and then some. Deep breath, and remember that you’ve got lots of people rooting for you. xoxoxo

    • Eh, it’s ok :-). It was a bit of a vent post. We’re good here. Chris says this is why he works in California ;-). It is just pretty unbelievable the hoops and rigamorole that one has to go through. Sigh …. And, thanks for reading and commenting!

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