“I have had not so good of a week.”

This is the opening sentence of Clementine, a book by Sara Pennypacker that Lindsay is currently reading.  It is also a fitting opener for this blog post ;-).

By all accounts, it should have been a great week:

  • My nephew turned 16 and we went to a fun party for him.
  • I made some serious headway in my job search, though I am not ready to announce it yet.  With all of the ridiculous situations during this job search, I am a little jaded but hopeful about the possibilities.
  • I had lunch twice this past week with a two good friends.  I had a great conversation on the phone with another.
  • Chris made arrangements to come home during the week of Halloween.
  • We got into a pretty good groove with homework.
  • In her soccer game, Lindsay scored 1 goal, blocked 2 goals as goalie and won the coveted “Hustle Helmet.”
  • I had a much-needed (and fun!)  “girls’ night in” on Saturday with some friends, cocktails and pizza.
Proud Lindsay with the coveted "Hustle Helmet"

Proud Lindsay with the coveted “Hustle Helmet”

Yup, it would’ve been excellent …  if it wasn’t for the poison ivy.  On my face.  I knew that poison ivy sucked but who knew that it sucked this bad?   After …

  • 1 week
  • 1 swollen eye
  • 2 trips to the doctor
  • 2 prescriptions for prednisone
  • repeated doses of Claritin, Benadryl and Zantac and
  • endless applications of Caladryl

… it is less itchy and drying out but I still look like a freak show.  Honestly.   And with 2 girls very busy with swimming, Girl Scout events, soccer games, birthday parties … there’s no hiding out for me.

Hmph.  Maybe I should borrow Lindsay’s Hustle Helmet. That might distract people from noticing my face.

Ever had a poison ivy rash? Or look like a freak show?  Had not so good of a week? Please chime in! I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on ““I have had not so good of a week.”

  1. oy! hope you are feeling better soon – I have, thankfully, not had poison ivy for about 15 years, but the last time I did it was to the Dr. for Rx meds pretty fast -and I kept re-infecting myself as the oil from the plant was on my shoe w/o my realizing it, so it was about a month’s worth of back and forth to the Dr. I hope for you it clears quickly and that the prednisone keeps the itch at bay… have you tried an oat bath? or really, a compress as it’s on your face? maybe that would help the itch?

    • Funny you mention it … I believe that I reinfected myself via my shoe as well! The doctor told me that she thinks I reinfected the area around my eyes and i was skeptical but … I found a new dot on my toe yesterday from the offending shoe so, BINGO! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I feel like such a dufus at the moment so I am glad that I am not alone in this :-).

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