All I hope is that…

All I hope is that, when this is all over, our kids and we will think that we did the best that we could.


6 thoughts on “All I hope is that…

  1. I think you will know it. And hopefully your kids too! That is all any of us can do with anything in life. Everyday we make decisions based on the info available to us. We can’t predict the future, recreate the past, or make everyone happy. But thoughtful decisions that feel right at the moment is all we can do. No one can say what you have done was entered into lightly or without your family’s best interest at heart! I think you are ‘making it work”. Great job! 🙂

  2. I think your kids will know you did the best you could. I will tell you, though, they may not know this until they have their own children. My daughter tells me that she now knows why I did some of the things I did while she was growing up. She says she hates that she understands it, but she does – cracks me up!;-)

    • Ah, the wisdom of life experience! 🙂 When you are 20, you think your parents know nothing. When you are 30, you can’t get over how wise they are. I’ve lived this myself. Thanks for the kind words,Gail :-). Always appreciated.

  3. Just for some context … this post was hastily written in one of those dark moments that happen in the wee hours; those are the moments when one wonders … how did we get here? Then just as quickly, those moments fade and I have clarity again. Weird.

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