Turn the Page

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a reader. A voracious reader. Someone who reads a little bit (and more often, a lot) of everything. Someone who thinks that the answer to practically anything can be found in a well-chosen book.

I think in paragraphs, in pages, in chapters.  I use the phrases turn the page and start a new chapter to describe turning points in my life.

In my mind, this journey deserves a table of contents all of its own.  It would go something like this —

CHAPTER 1:     Why are we bridging the distance?
CHAPTER 2:     It’s not good bye and being Brave.
CHAPTER 3:     (Avoiding) The Big Picture.
CHAPTER 5:     Pseudo Stay-at-Home Mom
CHAPTER 6:     Usual 2.0
CHAPTER 7:     Why don't you move?
CHAPTER 8:     E-X-T-E-N-D-E-D Job Hunt

Chapter 8  has been an arduous chapter to slog through.   That chapter — I am pleased to report — has finally ended.

I have found a job.

Like any new chapter, the plot is filled with uncertainty.  So far, we (Chrissy and me) have managed to find him a great job, move him (and a vehicle) across the country, find him an apartment and furnish it.  We’ve started school, held down the fort at home, gotten into the groove of coming home and leaving again.   We’ve managed it.   But now, we are adding another full-time job to the mix and I am oh-so-excited and happy but nervous.

This new job allows me to work remotely, which means that I will work from home with only occasional travel.  And this might just be my saving grace.

I’ll make it work.  I MUST make it work.  With the support of my husband and some help from my village, it’ll be just fine.  I’ll find my stride and get in a groove.  Right?  RIGHT?

What about you?  Started a new job lately?  Started a new life chapter?  What kind of pep talk did you give yourself?  I’d love your comments!


4 thoughts on “Turn the Page

  1. Congratulations on the new job Susan!! Sounds perfect!! I was excited for you when I opened your blog today and saw the big “8” for “8 months to go!!” Seems like just yesterday it said 12 so while 8 is still a lot, and feels like an eternity I am sure, you’re making progress and doing great! Keep it up!!! And thanks for the blog. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jill! I so appreciate the encouragement (and gosh knows that I need it sometimes). It is weird … time is FLYING by yet it seems like an eternity since we started this, if that makes sense. Overall though, we are handling it pretty well. Chris comes home for an extended visit soon and we can’t wait!

      How are YOU? You are settling in yourself, right? How are you handling things? I’d love to hear more :-).

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