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Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a reader. A voracious reader. Someone who reads a little bit (and more often, a lot) of everything. Someone who thinks that the answer to practically anything can be found in a well-chosen book.

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Remembering Halloweens of Yore

This gallery contains 13 photos.

With Halloween 2012 coming up, I couldn’t resist looking back.  Gallery of family Halloweens, 2003 – 2011.

All I hope is that…

All I hope is that, when this is all over, our kids and we will think that we did the best that we could.

“I have had not so good of a week.”

This is the opening sentence of Clementine, a book by Sara Pennypacker that Lindsay is currently reading.  It is also a fitting opener for this blog post ;-).

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