No Namby Pambies In Our House (and a book inspiration)

Talk to the hand

I will not raise namby pambies. I want my children to know work. To grow-up to be independent, contributing members of society. To have common sense. And to understand that no one is entitled to anything in life; if you want something (anything, really), you better be prepared to work for it. This mom won’t coddle her kids forever and have a 30 year-old child still living at home someday. Nope. Continue reading


“One thing I’ve learned is that the journey of life goes more smoothly when you’re traveling with someone.  Roads traveled alone tend to lead to disaster and sometimes despair.” — Kay Wills Wyma, Cleaning House

Fun, family and finding a new balance

There’s been a shift in my mindset over the past 9 days, during my quieter moments.

Chris and I have cultivated a careful balance over the years. Family time, couple time, individual time. We’ve managed to fit it all in and work it all out. We’ve always been very proud of this. I am realizing that this upcoming year will need to have a different balance. This time will dedicated to home and family. Less about me and more about them. I’ll likely have fewer pedicures and less grown-up time. That’s how it needs to be. My family needs me. And it’s all good.

The theme today? Fun and family! We started out with homemade chocolate chip scones.

chocolate chip scone

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