4 thoughts from week #1

First week done! I’d like to say that it went by fast but really, it went by … oddly. I learned a lot, though.

week 1

Here are a few thoughts on the week:

  1. Communication — in any form — is the glue. With a NY-to-CA distance between us, it would be easy to let it slide or to save the details for later. Already I can tell that this would be a bad idea. Talking back and forth on the phone, by text, via video chat, by email or even with Facebook, Twitter or a blog is key. A combination of many of those would be even better. We use every one. Which leads me to …
  2. The small things matter. That hilarious thing your 9 year old said? Share it. Your obsessive watering of the flowers? Share it. Video of the kids dancing? Commentary on enchilada day at work? That photo of nearby Facebook headquarters? Share it! Those are actual interactions that we’ve had this week.
  3. Remember that we’re apart but in it together. This gets me through.
  4. It takes a village.

Do you have any other suggestions, experiences or pearls of wisdom? Please share below! I’d love to hear from you!


To my village …

We are so lucky. I am bolstered and moved by the outpouring of support from friends and family, far and wide. And I don’t just mean here on the blog, either. Thank you, all of you. Your kind words and gestures mean so much. I’ve told you and will keep telling you. Thank you.