The Leaving Days

I dread the “leaving days” the most.

A Family Photo when Someone is Missing

A Family Photo when Someone is Missing

My mom likes to take a family photo on Thanksgiving but someone special was missing.  Nobody wanted a family photo minus one of the family, so we took one of my mom and all of her grandchildren instead.  Due to … Continue reading



It’s been 4 months now that we’ve been doing this and it’s … wearing thin.   I thought that the beginning would be the toughest.  I thought that after all of the pieces were finally back in place, it would seem easier.   Silly me. Continue reading

The Third Reaction

When people find out about our extreme coast-to-coast commuting relationship, we typically get one of two reactions:

  1. Disbelief: “Are you crazy?  Why don’t you just move there?
  2. Empathy: “I know a couple who did this.  The economy sucks.  It must be hard.

After all of this time (13 weeks already!), I got a third one. Continue reading